5 Useful Gift Ideas for First-Time Mums

Preparing to welcome a little one to the world is always exciting. Yet, it’s also normal to be a little anxious about making sure that everything is just right. From setting up the nursery to choosing the safest car seat, new mums have a lot on their plate. It also doesn’t help that it’s almost impossible to know what you really need when there is so much baby gear out there. To help you narrow down your shopping list, here are five gift ideas that are definitely going to be used.

1. Baby Changing Mat

There is nothing more frustrating than having a crying baby and nowhere to get them out of their dirty diaper. Save yourself and everyone around the stress by making sure that you have a baby changing mat with you at all times. Whether you need to do a quick change in the car before hitting the market or simply don’t want to go upstairs to the changing table, this is an item worth stashing in more than one place.

2. Bottle Warmer

Getting that bottle to just the right temp is a breeze when you have a warmer. You can choose from countertop models that fit all sizes of bottles, or go for a portable one that heats up in your car. Either way, even nursing mums who pump will appreciate having a quick way to warm their babies food without having to wait for water to boil.

3. Stroller Organiser

As your favourite newborn grows, all of that gear will start to stack up. A stroller organiser is the perfect way to help a frazzled mum keep up with bottles, sippy cups, wipes and all those other little things that you suddenly need to survive. The best part about a stroller organiser is that it helps streamline the process of getting out of the house since everything is right there ready to go.

4. Nappy Bag

Now that you’re a mum, you can forget about carrying that fancy purse. Instead, spring for a glamorous nappy bag that will keep both you and your baby’s things organised. Nappy bags today are available in trendy styles and colours that look more like a purse than something meant to tote around a baby changing mat. When you always know where your keys and diapers are, you’ll be glad you treated yourself with this one.

5. Food Delivery

Sure, those adorable newborn onesies are fun, but people often forget about how hectic those first few weeks are for new mums. Whether they are nursing or simply too tired to cook, new parents always appreciate having meals delivered. Consider hiring a meal delivery service or spring for grocery delivery so that your favourite new mum has the nourishment she needs to survive those sleepless nights.

That first year goes by so fast, yet the memories of snuggling with a newborn last forever. By making sure you have the gear that actually matters, you can spend those early weeks focused on giving your baby all the love they deserve.
Do you know a new mum? Want to get her the perfect gift? Well, look no further. These 5 ideas will be instant hits!

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