Best Changing Mat for Your Baby

One of my absolute essential items for a new baby is a changing mat. Today I’m going to review some of the changing mats available and let you know the best changing mat.

You know the first thing I did when I found out I was pregnant? Visit a baby store of course. I wanted to get an idea of all the gear we would need for our baby and as I planned to travel with my baby a portable changing mat was an essential item. What I know now is that a good washable changing mat is all you need for a new baby. I needn’t have spent hundreds on a changing table as it was more practical to change my baby on the couch or bed or even on the floor with a good folding change mat.
The best option? Tell me now: I personally used the Skip Hop travel changing mat and adore it. It’s so well made and the design is great, so I’m using it for my second baby! There are so many other options available when you are looking for the best changing mat so I will go over them below.

Things to keep in mind when purchasing a changing mat

When you are shopping for a baby changing mat it’s best to keep in mind the purpose of your purchase. I’m all for buying as little as possible and for me, a travel changing mat was actually the perfect solution as I was able to use it at home and out and about. After we’d finished travelling and moved back home I bought the most adorable grey changing mat to have for bathtime and around the house. I love grey as it can be used as either a baby boy changing mat or a baby girl changing mat and it’s a more stylish colour than yellow or green.

Another style that is very popular is the wedge changing mat. The sides are higher so it’s supposed to be harder for baby to roll over the edge. My issue with this is that if a baby is big enough to roll over the sides, they shouldn’t be on a changing table anyway. But, life happens. Nappies and wipes fall on the floor and sometimes you have to duck away for a millisecond, so the wedge changing mat definitely has it’s uses. In my case, I had two big strong boy babies who loved to roll. so buying a changing mat to use on the floor worked for me. No one can fall off the floor!

If you are planning to buy a changing table, a clever idea is to buy a changing table mattress separate from your changing table, so you can use it off the table when bubs becomes more mobile.

Also, if you want to keep mess to a minimum make sure you get a waterproof changing mat. There’s no way around it, poo and wee will escape and the last thing you want is to add more to your washing pile. If your budget is tight the best option for a cheap baby change mat is a waterproof PVC padded changing mat.

So without further ado – on to the best changing mats judged by MumTools:)

Best Travel Changing Mat

If you want a travel baby changing mat, you simply cannot go past the Skip Hop Clutch. It’s super compact, folds into a slim and easy to store size and contains a wipes holder so you don’t have to carry around a bulky packet of baby wipes.
I’ve changed my son on a footpath in Sydney, Australia, on the floor of an airport toilet in Abu Dhabi and in various other places around the world with my Skip Hop Pronto Baby Changing Station. It has a padded head area and is attached by a zip to the clutch, which contains a safe pocket for storing your phone and keys. It’s also big enough that my 1 year old could fit on it completely and not touch the area surrounding him (especially important when changing the baby on the floor of a public toilet). The Skip Hop Pronto is by far the best travel changing mat and an essential item for the travelling parent. Check the price here

Best Cheap Changing Mat

You can still get really cute designs even if your budget is tight. MumTools pick for best cheap changing mat is the Kit for Kids Baby Changing Mat with Stars. It’s durable, easy to clean, compact and soft enough to be used on the floor but not so thick that it’s hard to store. For the price you absolutely can’t beat it, and if you are having a baby on a budget, this is the best option for you. Check the price here

Best Wedge-Shaped Changing Mat

If you’re in the market for a wedge baby changing mat, the Asmi 2 is your best bet. It’s thicker than most, and the wedge sides give some security for those moments when you drop the nappy or wipes and have to duck down for a second (although there’d be no wedge high enough to stop a determined roller, so don’t leave them too long). Easy to clean and it fits most changing tables so if a changing mat wedge is your preference, definitely check out the Asmi 2. Check the price here

Best Luxury Changing Mat

If you are in the market for a more stylish changing mat, the Jollein Changing Mat Lacquer, is a gorgeous design that might just be a wee bit posh for poo. Other than the shape, it doesn’t even look like a changing mat, which is great if you don’t have a nursery and still want to live in some semblance of normality (good luck with that!).

I hope this review of the best changing mats has been helpful. A baby changing mat is an essential item for your Mama Toolkit, hopefully, now you’ll have an idea for the best baby change mat for your growing family.

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