Homecoming Mums: A Texas Tradition

Homecoming mums are a beloved tradition in Texas, especially in high schools and colleges.

These elaborate floral arrangements are worn as a symbol of school spirit and as a way to show support for a loved one participating in a homecoming event.

Whether you’re a seasoned mum-wearer or new to the tradition, here’s everything you need to know about homecoming mums.

History of Homecoming Mums

The tradition of wearing homecoming mums dates back to the early 1900s in Texas.

Originally, mums were small, simple flowers worn by female students as a symbol of school spirit.

Over time, the tradition has evolved, and mums have become much more elaborate, with ribbons, trinkets, and even stuffed animals attached.

How to Wear a Homecoming Mum

Homecoming mums are typically worn on the left shoulder and are held in place with a pin or ribbon.

It’s common for the mum to be accompanied by a “garter,” which is a smaller version of the mum worn on the right leg.

Some people also choose to wear their mums on a purse or backpack.

Customizing Your Homecoming Mum

One of the fun aspects of homecoming mums is the ability to customize them. Many florists and craft stores offer kits or pre-made mums, but it’s also common for people to make their own mums from scratch. Some popular additions to mums include ribbons in school colors, charms or trinkets representing a person’s interests or hobbies, and stuffed animals.

Rules for Wearing Homecoming Mums

While there are no hard and fast rules for wearing homecoming mums, there are a few guidelines to keep in mind. First, mums should be worn with pride and respect for the tradition. It’s also important to consider the size of the mum and how it will fit with your outfit. Finally, be mindful of any school or event rules regarding the size or style of mums.


Homecoming mums are a beloved tradition in Texas, offering a fun and festive way to show school spirit and support a loved one.

Whether you choose to customize your own mum or purchase a pre-made version, the important thing is to wear it with pride and respect for the tradition.

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